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Our History

For more than four decades our company has been giving quality, independent financial advice. So, you would expect our Advisers to have the skills to present and deliver first rate financial planning solutions and indeed we do, but doing the right thing is as much about understanding and building relationships as it is about technical competence.

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Our History

In our long history, many of our clients have been with us for decades, people who look to protect what they have spent their lifetime building up whilst ensuring that their assets are working effectively.

All of them value the clarity of presentation, the quality of our guidance and the trust arising from many years of good service that lead to a comfortable and reassuring relationship.

Of course, everyone's circumstance is different and often there is more than one solution to the same situation. Either way, we will have spent considerable time finding out about you before presenting the outcome in a way that you understand and are content with, and in a way that suits your circumstance.

Wealth management lies at the heart of most financial planning and is a specialist skill of ours. The core elements of our investment approach were put in place some 20 years ago, with seminar presentations to companies with retiring employees, such now that we have several thousand clients and over £100 million under advisory management.

In time, we hope you will be able to visit our offices in Harrold where a relaxed and friendly administration is backed up by the latest technology and significant contacts with the City and research organisations.

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