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At Paul Young Independent Financial Advisors we always put our clients first. At the heart of our ethos is the client relationships we build. To achieve this our team has built up a reputation for excellence, passion and personal commitment. Find out more about our highly qualified and experienced team.

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Meet the Team


Shane Fereday –
DipPFS, CeMAP, G10 Advanced Tax & Trusts


How easy is it to make the transition from being a highly successful adviser and then a manager for Barclays and HSBC to becoming and even more successful adviser in a small, but highly personal, country firm like Paul Young Independent Financial Advisors?

Well, Shane has shown that using the broad base of skills acquired in one arena can lead to a natural move into another, more focused and highly targeted one.

Now, as a specialist and highly expert adviser on Wealth Management as well as Retirement Planning, Shane is currently Managing Partner at PYIFA.

Leading the firm and its clients through continuing growth against a backdrop of ever changing global, political, economic and regulatory issues, his mission is “to smooth and simplify the way in which our customers manage their long-term financial objectives and security”.


Andrew Gardner –
Dip PFS, G60 Pensions


At the tender age of 23 with an already successful career behind him as an area manager for a national company in the retail sector, Andrew was persuaded into the world of Financial Services by a leading insurance company and following a rigorous period of training, became a financial adviser working across the spectrum of people’s needs and ambitions with the skill and care that he has brought to client dealings throughout his working life.

Two years later he joined Paul Youngs newly formed business with the aim of giving independent advice from the best of the market to his rapidly growing portfolio of clients. Add thirty-nine years of time, qualifications and experience, and he is now one of the most knowledgeable pension and investment specialists in the area.


Paul Young –
Senior Partner - BSc

Founder Partner

Paul Young Originally trained as a scientist. After leaving King’s College with a degree in mathematics and physics, he spent the next fifteen years in a factory and commercial management with a multinational corporation.

He started in the financial services industry four decades ago. During that time there are few areas in which he has not become a specialist or done extensive business. He has been a frequent public speaker on investment matters, and apart from developing and managing the company, he has looked after the interests of several hundred clients.

Although he has now retired from daily operations, he retains a role in client and business development.

What’s been the secret to Paul’s success? In his own words - “working for a multinational company has given me a disciplined approach to running a company but it has been my time in Financial Services that has taught me that everything we do begins and ends with the quality of service, the wisdom of advice and the welcome of life knowledge we bring to clients”.


Anthony Lockwood -
DipPFS, ACII, BA(Hons)


When you spend the best part of your working life climbing greasy, corporate career ladders, it’s so very easy to forget where you started – face-to-face with individual customers.

Throughout his decades working for the likes of Abbey National and Alliance & Leicester Tony spent so much of his time (like many others!) paying lip service to “the customer facing experience” – but rarely spending time with any of them.

After leaving the corporate world he worked closely with business owners, helping to drive their small companies through commercial jungles whilst making sure they put as much personal, financial and employee protection in place as was necessary and wise.

When Paul Young offered him the opportunity to bring his financial experience into the world of individual financial planning it was impossible to say no.

Financial planning is a much-overlooked part of so many people’s lives. Being there to make a difference and to help make the most of their (often complex) lifetime investments, both for them and their families, is more than just satisfying.

It creates a relationship where, as an advisor, you become part of the fabric of their life, steering them through confusing bureaucracy and technical complexity to achieve balanced, appropriate and individually designed solutions. After all, life is for living – not for fretting about.


Martin Moore -
Fellow of PFS, Chartered Financial Planner, ACII

Chartered Financial Planner

What does a small and rural but highly professional and successful financial adviser do when it needs regular access to big city experience and knowledge?

Simples, they bring that expertise out of the smoke and add him to the team!

Martin Moore has spent nearly 40 years at the sharp end of the financial services industry working for a number of major investment institutions in the City dealing with distribution and marketing of a wide range of investments.

Latterly he worked on the Stock Exchange for a major bank dealing with Global Custodians.

He has always kept bang up to date via working experience and professional qualification with this ever-changing industry.

Now, having passed his Fellowship of the Institute of Personal Financial Planning, he has been elected a Chartered Insurer and Chartered Financial Planner.

All that knowledge, range of skills and wisdom is sitting right here in rural North Beds ready to help our clients plan and achieve their financial goals.

Administration Team


Elaine Whiting


Laura Walsh - Cert CII (FS)


Emily Bamford


Rebbecca Hewitt

We have a dedicated Back Office team with a wealth of experience headed by Elaine with a lifetime in the Industry (starting with Lloyds of London, followed by some thirty years with us)

First and foremost, all of the team expect to deliver an excellent service to our clients with skill and courtesy. In addition, Laura, has special responsibility for our top investment service, the Quarterly Review Portfolios. Emily keeps our accounts and Rebbecca helps us with the digital marketing skills.

Our aim is to make sure that, however you contact us, we are there for you.

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