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Joining a Paul Young Independent Financial Advisors seminar is the perfect way of improve your knowledge at those critical times in your personal or business life to help your plan more effectively for your financial future.

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Why should I attend a seminar?

We run a programme of seminars for individuals and business owners. Whether you're seeking guidance on your savings and investments, or you're starting to think about retirement, Paul Young Independent Financial Advisors seminars give you the fantastic opportunity to meet our experienced team and learn about a range of different topics.

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Seminar programme

Seminar Programme for 2021

You are welcome to register an interest in joining us for a seminar if the time is right for you to make decisions about any of the topics listed below. The seminars are free of charge and without any obligation, though naturally we would be pleased if some guests became clients over time.

i. An Introduction to Retirement Planning
After a lifetime in work a new and different life lies ahead in retirement. There are many plans to make but none more important than the financial plan. How will the resources of capital and income cope with your needs and ambitions?

Learn some of the basics associated with cash flow forecasting and investment strategy.

ii. An Introduction to Investing a Lump Sum
This seminar is suitable for anyone receiving a lump sum for the first time and wondering what to do with it. Although the programme is a journey through the many investment options, the asset and products available, the tax advantages and investment flexibilities and how they compare, it is also about the investor and their own needs and comfort levels with such things as investment risk.

iii. An Introduction to Pension Planning
Most people approach retirement with an accumulation of pension plans from various employments and without a clear picture of their value, how they compare or the many options available for their benefit and in due course their families.

Yet you need a clear understanding of the way forward in order to be effective in moving ahead with this most important element of retirement planning.

iv. An Introduction to Estate Planning
Once you have planned for securing your own financial comfort in retirement you can look Estate Planning. How do you ensure that the bulk of your wealth passes to your family and not the tax man?

There is a lot to think about covering wills, trusts tax efficient investments, gifts and much else besides. You will leave this seminar well informed and able to begin your Estate Planning.

The Seminars take place at our offices here in Harrold, catering for around fifteen to twenty guests per event, timed to run from 10.30am to 12.30pm followed by a buffet lunch. The format in general is for two or three speakers, both specialists for the industry and experts from our own company. Once we have sufficient members, we will contact you with dates to suit.

Please register your interest, you will be most welcome.

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